What We Do.

The North Leitrim Women’s Centre aims to support the holistic needs of women of all ages, cultures and religions through the provision of information, education, healthcare screening and social networking.

Lobbying and campaigning for social justice and promoting equality of opportunity and outcomes for women are also central to our role.

International Womens Day 2010

Training Opportunities

Working on a cross border, cross community basis has been central to the work of the North Leitrim Women’s Centre.

Keep an eye on our website for regular updates of the work that women are doing to sustain peace and promote reconciliation in our communities.

Learning how to Sculpt

Focus on Peace

Providing for the training and development needs of women is core to the work of the NLWC. We offer accredited courses and workshops ranging from computers and conflict management to aromatherapy.

If you would like to sign up for a course or tell us of any new ideas for training, please contact the centre.

Focusing on Peace

Cross Border Projects

The Women's Centre work on a number of cross border projects to foster links with other Women's Groups in Northern Ireland.

One such project was the quiltwork project between the North Leitrim Women's Centre and the Search Group, Co Tyrone.

The Weaving Friendships Project

The Centre

North Leitrim Womens’ Centre is open to all women, there’s no onus to be a member. We offer a range of facilities including training courses, a twice montly health clinic and a computer room.

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Focus On Peace

North Leitrim Womens’ Centre promotes cross community partnerships and each month highlights the work of a different community organistaion through the ‘Focus on Peace’ series.

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