Target Groups

The North Leitrim Women’s Centre addresses the needs of all women over the age of 18 years of age in the North Leitrim area.  Women from the West Cavan and surrounding cross border areas also use the NLWC.

Particular target groups within these areas include:

  • Women who are marginalised and living in isolation as a result of their rurality and lack of access to information/education/services/opportunity and other relevant community supports
  • Women who wish to access training or education in order to return to work, enter the workforce or up-skill within the workforce
  • Women who are or have been victims of domestic violence
  • Women with disabilities
  • Women who have been displaced by conflict
  • Women from ethnic/minority backgrounds and cultures
  • People parenting alone
  • Women who require support and/or information in order to maximise their opportunities and quality of life within their own communities
  • Women who are currently excluded and wish to participate more fully within their own communities through leadership and other roles

Key Community Statistics

There was a population of approximately 9,910 in the North Leitrim Women’s Centre catchment area in 2007.  Core community indicators for this population are:

A Digram showing the core community indicators for the Letrim population

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