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Postage of letters from our letter writing campaign to The Office of the Minister of Environment, Community and Local Government which took place on Monday 14th July

Help Save Your Women’s Centre

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For the past fifteen years The North Leitrim Women’s Centre has been a voice and advocate for many women in North Leitrim both at a local and national level.  Now with new Local Government Reform, the North Leitrim Women’s Centre will cease to be unless we are successful in our national lobby to have our funding retained.
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The North Leitrim Women’s Centre has helped and supported women coming together throughout the North of the County; whether as a drop in Centre, information access, accredited training, non-accredited training, Well Woman Clinic, through the provision of information sessions or to celebrate women’s lives and achievements.  The North Leitrim Women’s Centre has been a voice for North Leitrim women both at a local and national level.  Over the years it has challenged the structures that impact on women’s lives in North Leitrim.  Last year alone the North Leitrim Women’s Centre provided support to 3,500 women, 141 women accessed accredited training, 282 accessed non-accredited training, 295 women accessed women’s health services via the Well Woman Clinic, 102 hours of counselling was provided,  358 women attended events and seminars.  Many women accessed the Centre for Positive Mental Health Programmes, social networking, raising awareness of Violence Against Women or just for a chat and a cup of tea.
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The National Collective of Community based Women’s Network’s (NCCWN) current annual budget is €1.3 million,this funds the work of the 17 NCCWNwomen’s projects throughout Ireland.  The North Leitrim Women’s Centreand 16 other women’s networks nationally are under grave threat of losing their funding now and of possible closure by the end of the year. TheNCCWNworked this limited budget in 2013 and the projects engaged with 36, 589 women from many different communities.  NCCWN has demonstrated that this represents excellent value for money.  

We are at present campaigning for survival.  A petition is ongoing in our Centre to Minister Kelly requesting funding to be ring fenced for the National Women’s Collective or lobby your local Councillor of TD for this.  For more information visit our website, by phoning the Centre on 071 9856220, email or simply by calling in.  Please support this campaign
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The National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks (NCCWN) was established as a national organisation in 2002. The rationale for the organisation was to enable women experiencing disadvantage, to network and have a voice in national policy developments.  This consolidated many years of informal feminist networking and information sharing in the women’s community sector, dating back to the 1990s. This networking arose from a shared concern to address women’s poverty, the marginalisation and exclusion of women, and the need for a gender perspective in community development.  Working from a feminist perspective and social inclusion ethos, equality is consistent as the central goal of the NCCWN in recognition that women’s inequality is further compounded for disadvantaged women. 
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Currently the NCCWN (i.e. the work of the 17 local Women’s Projects) is funded at a national level under the Local Community Development Programme (LCDP) as an alternative structure since January 2011. The Government demonstrated their commitment to women in 2011 by making separate arrangements to ensure that as a national/local women’s programme our specific remit as an essential aspect of addressing women’s inequalities were recognised


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